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Teeth Whitening in Salt Lake City UT by Dr. Rod Gleave

We all know that in order for you to look your best and make a great impression on others, it’s important that you have a winning smile. If you have teeth that are a little crooked, it’s important that you consider dental help to realign your smile, and if one of your teeth is decayed or damaged, it’s important that you consider your many dental care options for repairing and restoring that tooth. In the case of tooth discoloration, it’s important that you visit the office of Dr. Rod Gleave in Salt Lake City UT for a teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening can improve the whiteness of your smile by up to eight shades, and is a great option for small stains on the teeth as well as general yellowing or staining of the teeth. You can achieve a total smile makeover in just one or two visits.

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Reducing the Appearance of Tooth Discoloration

A skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rod Gleave has helped numerous patients enhance the whiteness and brightness of their smiles through effective teeth whitening treatment. As there are many different ways to whiten the teeth, Dr. Rod Gleave will consider each of them in turn when it comes to giving patients the treatments they require. No two sets of teeth are alike and as such, one person’s smile may be better served by one type of teeth whitening treatment than another.


Options for Teeth Whitening

Our Salt Lake City UT cosmetic dentistry office offers multiple teeth whitening options to meet our patient’s needs. This includes:


In order to find out which teeth whitening treatment will best meet your needs, it’s important that you visit our office in Salt Lake City UT. During a teeth whitening consultation, Dr. Rod Gleave will be able to assess your needs and determine which method of tooth whitening will best address your unique situation. You will also be encouraged to ask questions so you know what to expect during treatment.


Schedule a Consultation for Teeth Whitening in Salt Lake City UT

If you have a smile that you wish were brighter and whiter, we encourage you to visit our practice to learn more about teeth whitening. Dr. Rod Gleave and his entire staff of dental professionals look forward to meeting with you in person. For more information about teeth whitening, contact Salt Lake City UT cosmetic dentist Dr. Rod Gleave today.